Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ebook deals

DearAuthor reports that the code OPRAHWINFREY will get you $50 off a kind, bringing the price down to $309 (see details on Oprah's site) "After today," The New York Times declares, "it will be a lot harder to argue that the Kindle is just a niche device for tech nerds."

The Sony Reader is down to $299 with free shipping. You can also opt for a special edition with free romance ebooks by Debbie Macomber , a decorative skin and, um, knitting patterns (once again I get the message I am not the "typical" romance reader). Although if you want a touch screen and built in reading light you still need to come up with $399.

p.s. how are the altered romance contest entries coming?

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Moira Rogers - Bree said...

I'm working on mine right now, in between checking feeds. :D I'll probably e-mail you my digital masterpiece tonight. LOL