Thursday, October 09, 2008

Encore Romance--veinglory

It has long seemed to me that one thing epublishers could do is reprint romance. I mean, I hesitate to mention it because imagine just how many books that is. Do we need all that competition? But romance tastes do move on so it is not like there wouldn't need to be new books to meet new tastes and interests.

So anyway, Encore Romance: it seems to be new and it seems to be for reprint (apparently of print books only, no erotica). Apparently it opened on April 14th. The website could use some work to get it to display properly at 1280 wide. The editor in chief is Dawn Carrington (a.k.a Harlequin author Doreen Roberts).

"Because we are a publisher specializing in reprints only, we do not accept new authors or queries for new works. All submissions must have been previously published by a publisher with at least twenty-five books in paperback or hardcover format now or at the time your book was originally published. We are looking for any type of high-quality romance except erotica and/or any work which includes extremely graphic language. Previously published category romances and series romances have a place here as well as fantasy, paranormal, futuristic, suspense, comedy, and more. Any submission must be a romance and not just contain romantic elements."

Maybe someone will do this for erotic romance and previously published ebooks? I mean, the sales potential is likely lower but the production costs would generally be negligible (new cover art, general bureaucracy?).

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Mary Winter said...

This sounds like a wonderful plan. I know that I was on a Harlequin SuperRomance reading binge a few months ago, and i was trying to catch up on older series where I'd gotten a book at a UBS or through other venues, and I had a hard time finding some of them. I look forward to seeing their offerings.

And, although Pink Petal Books also welcomes new submissions, we also very much would welcome older previously published titles. Standard query process applies and just let us know where/when the book was published. If you have sales or other data, that would be helpful too. :)