Saturday, October 18, 2008

EREC Happenings

Altered Romance Contest

The Altered Romance contest is going ahead. For details see this post. Entries must be submitted to me by email by 12pm (GMT) on November 1st. Winner and runner-up received $20 by paypal :)

Open Call and New Release Notice Area

Those of you not on feeds might notice a new area in the right column for open calls. Publishers, feel free to send a short notice about open anthologies, new imprints, contests and the like. Keep it brief and provide a link. Open Call notices will remain up for one month, or as space allows.

I am also considering an area for new releases (title, author, tag line and link only) if there is interest. Send open call and new release notices to veinglory at with a clear subject line (e.g. open call notice for EREC, new release notice for EREC) to avoid being mistaken for spam.

Cliterature: Women, Sexuality and Books

I am trying my hand at paid blogging. Not all that well paid as $1 a day and $1 per 500 unique hits ($50 payment threshold)--but worth a go I thought. The blog is Cliterature and the site is, if anyone else wants to try it. Although possibly you know of sites that offer a better deal?


Mary Caelsto said...

Thank you so much for the tip. I've signed up - and I'll be talking about reiki and other metaphysical/spiritual topics. :) Looks interesting, and a bit better than the very old program.

veinglory said...

I hope is works out for you. The think to watch is they require new content and they pretty much own it--so don't post anything you might want to use again elsewhere.

p.s. Let me know if the open calls are useful to y'all -- or if there is something else that could go in that undersued side space that would be more useful.