Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Plastic Logic's ebook prototype seems more like an e-magazine than an ebook. It is very thin, but large and with a touch screen. I won't be getting excited until they have a production model price under $100.

Resplendence Publishing is offering 15% off their books throughout October if you use the correct code for the day. And Fictionwise is having a 25% off sale on a range of indy publishers' multi-format books.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a good plain language article covering the main implication of copyright of material on a blog, including creative commons licenses, fair use and what to include in a take-down notice.

The Romance Erotica Connection awards are open for nominations throughout October.

Steven Harper Piziks makes some good points about epublishing being still a rather underwhelming phenomenon outside of erotic romance. However I cannot agree with the idea that the problem is solved by e-readers (I and many others actually have ereaders and still prefer computer reading, I think e-ink sucks) or that the answer is to give e-readers away free (although it certainly works for Apple who price iPods with no profit margin).

p.s. if you have a happening to announce please email me with the subject line 'happenings' and include all pertinent details, a link and the approximate date you would like a notice posted. Notices will be posted if relevant as time and space permits. You may also let me know about new releases so long as it is one month in advance including only the title, author and a link to the exact publisher page for that book (e.g. Tell me about November releases between now and October 25th). But note that I may not post about all new releases and I may well make comments about blurbs, price, cover art and how your mother dresses you.

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