Monday, October 27, 2008


From PRLog: "Beginning December 2008, Lyrical [Press] is set to launch an aggressive print campaign, with ads featured in many popular magazines such as Romantic Times BOOKReviews, Doorways, Penny Blood and TAPS, owned by The Atlantic Paranormal Society of the Sc-Fi channel's show Ghost Hunters."

From "Mills and Boon is embracing the e-book revolution with the conversion of 200 of its books to e-book format... "We're looking at the types of series that sell really well ... We're adding the [erotic] Spice series to our site as well as the [supernatural] Nocturne series coming soon." ... we're not sure what to expect."

From the Ontarion: "Critical thinking and tolerance are the tools of intellectual freedom, and with intellectual freedom comes personal responsibility. They are bedfellows. Think of them as friends (with benefits)." (This is more an essay than news, but I recommend checking it out for a pithy but clever defense of erotica as a part of the community of ideas.)

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Athena Grayson said...

Hopefully, M&B will get on the ball about the format in which they offer their ebooks. I just tried my first ebook from eharlequin and found out I can't read it, thanks to the DRM and Adobe not interested in courting the Linux community.