Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No Slash Please, We're British--veinglory

It is easy to forget that for the great majority of people M/M is imply not on the radar. The Metro article today explain what M/M is and that some women like it is basic yawn-tastic. But the comments on these things are always a bit of a social barometer. It looks like the UK (at least those that hit this page so far) is current running:

For (2):
* "Phwoarrrr"
* "Why does this merit discussion as though it were an 'alternative' sexuality"

Against (2):
* "who find this above topic interesting to watch on t.v must have some serious phycological problems"
* "Urgh! You wouldn't get me watching any of that!"

Even More Against (2):
* "Why would I enjoy watching people having sex?"
* "I am offended by porn"

Against the Against (2):
* "Shut up"
* "If you find the article so offensive, why did you bother going onto this page..."

Against the Against the Against (1):
* "My statement was merely a personal preference"

And My Favorite (1):
* "I am a gay male but hate gay porn and find hetero porn a massive turn on."

So, fess up--much Chi Chi La Rue on your DVD shelf. Raging Stallions? Any good recommendations of more smoochy, less grunty/slappy gay skin flicks?


Meg said...

I am more into the smoochy romantic gay films, such as Maurice, Latter Days, Brokeback Mountain etc, but I do have all five seasons of the US QAF on DVD, which is a little bit raunchier but still comes under erotic rather than pornographic imo.

I don't like pornos of any genre, though. Wailing bottle blonde women with overenhanced fake titties just don't do it for me...whether straight or lesbian.

I've never watched m/m porn, so could not say whether I like it or not.

Teddy Pig said...

Joe Gage trilogy

El Paso Wrecking Company
Kansas City Trucking Company
LA Tool & Die

Anonymous said...

I love Chi Chi La Rue! Bolt and Wrong Side of the Tracks are both really hot movies. Basically anything with Johnny Hazzard, Mason Wyler, or Rafael Alencar. I've discovered a new hardcore gay BDSM page that has some pretty hot movies.

I prefer gay porn to het porn. I'm not sure why, but it's difficult for me to find any het porn that even interests me.