Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oh No, Promo!: The Nameless God [free ebook giveaway]

It has been a while since I did this, about a year I guess. But occasionally I have to break out into a little self promotion. In this case for my release of a few months ago, The Nameless God.

I think Loose Id shows me a little forbearance as one of their regulars, as I know they are not overly fond of high fantasy, let alone high fantasy with a hero who becomes paraplegic. But what can I say; it was a story I wanted to write and I know my editor Raven will always do her best synchronise my output with Loose Id's needs. The sequel with be even more... um, interesting as it is shaping up as a May/December F/m.

Things I learn writing this book:
* If asked to add a bit more sex, I add a bit more sex. I don't see this as the big issue some authors seem to. After all, this is an erotic romance publisher and I write at the lite end of the genre.
* If you don't love the draft cover, say so. I got a second one that I do love.
* I really do need to work more on my endings. Even taking into account that it is an ongoing story.
* I need to write some of these sequels I keep planning on writing--rather than keep starting more new projects.

From the reviews:
* "The Nameless God is one of the best fantasy stories I’ve read in a long time ... Everything about The Nameless God, including the characters, the setting, the conflict, and the love scenes, is well-written. ... I am happy to Joyfully Recommend The Nameless God" [Joyfully Reviewed]
* "In the end, the book and its characters fascinate me. The quiet desolation that permeates from start to finish creates an irresistible atmosphere, sucking me into the story’s events and the characters’ lives with frightening ease." [Uniquely Pleasurable]
* "The plot of this story really caught my attention. The idea of an unremarkable and humble man who is thrust by fate into a situation he never wanted nor even imagined is very appealing to me." [Romance Junkies]
* "Fisk reminds me a bit of the old saints of Christian's history, men like S. Francesco or S. Antonio, born in wealth but who chose to be poorer among the poor; the only difference is that Fisk is already poor, but he chooses not to improve his status thanks to the vision's gift." [Elisa Rolle]

But don't take their word for it, buy a copy of The Nameless God today! Or perhaps tomorrow, because I will randomly choose one comment on this post and send you a complimentary copy. (If you would like a copy of the book please add your email address to your comment so I can send it without delay). If you want to double your chances you could also comment at my personal blog.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled industry gossip.

edited to add, blurb:

Fisk is a lowly swineherd and not too unhappy with his lot, until a nameless god picks Fisk to receive his visions. Then he's deemed cursed and cast out of his job, onto the open road with winter coming, and no way to keep himself alive. Levin, a gorgeous Protector Knight, says Fisk is a prophet and vows to look after him, in every way. Including the needs of his body.

As passion grows between them darkness closes in all around. The gods are at war, a falling star threatens to destroy the town but its rulers will not listen to Fisk's warning, and the visions are threatening Fisk's health. Through it all the one thing he can rely on is Levin's strength and his love, but when the Protector's Order itself comes under attack, where will Levin's loyalty lie?


Teddy Pig said...

I bought a copy!

kirsten saell said...

Wonder how many of us erotic romance writers are actually producing high/epic/heroic fantasy? I've always been a fantasy reader (and writer) first.

I'd love to win a copy. If I don't win one, I'll definitely buy one. Loved your Wolfkin (first of yours I read). You have a wonderful voice for fantasy.

kirstensaell (AT) yahoo (DOT) com

Bella G. said...

Love to win a copy if not I will have to buy it. Love the blog..

azteclady said...

*raising hand*

Please, ma'am, could I have my name in the drawing?


Anonymous said...

I'm quite interested - if for nothing else than I must admit that I've never read any of your writing before and want to correct that...


Anonymous said...


xfdragon (at)zoominternet (dot) net

brain cramp...

Anonymous said...

I bought a copy!

Unknown said...

I would love to get my hands on it...I just need to wait until my cc stops screaming lol


Linda Mooney said...

What? No blurb?

Treva Harte said...

High fantasy with a hero who becomes paraplegic is, I confess, not one of our staples -- the only other one I can think of is Stephanie Burke's story and she pretty doesn't know there are boxes, much less that she writes outside them.

I like that in an author. (Um, you don't have to give me a story.)

veinglory said...

Contest closed and books sent out--thanks :)