Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Somewhat Random Stuff, Vaguely Related to Writing--veinglory

Poetry--Cat haiku

Art--Altered books: making poems by selectively obliterating the pages of novels

Contest--Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest: cash prizes, doesn't seem to have any fee or gotcha clauses that I can see.

Celebrity--"There’s definitely a homo-erotic thing about G.I. Joe, though. You know there was some shagging going on behind the cartoon." [Kris Roe, from pop band the Ataris]

Market--Oysters & Chocolate, only $5-10 but takes all sorts, even poetry.

Something Old--Madre DePasture rants.

Something New--Japanese cellphone novelist gets book deal:

Um, okay--This is what Bernard Cornwell says of his romance books. Praising with faint damn, much? ... "My wife and I co-wrote some books years ago until she got fed up with the process, and they were published under the name Susannah Kells - A Crowning Mercy, Fallen Angels and Coat of Arms (Aristocrats in the US). The first two are being republished this year and next by HarperCollins in the UK (where the cover will say the books are by Bernard Cornwell and Susannah Kells). The first one ain't bad."

And finally--The map of human sexuality


Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I heard about your blog, Emily, and stopped by to take a look--when what I’m supposed to be doing is dutifully finishing up my chapter.

I’ll have you know that this single post of yours with all these fascinating links (I also make altered books, but of a different sort) has managed to severely set me back in my writing schedule.

Must. Not. Even. Glance. At. Any. More. Of. Her. Posts…

veinglory said...

Hi Daisy :) -- is it wrong of me to be pleased at being so distracting. No, bad blogger. Go forth and write!