Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Preditors & Editors Comparison

It is never wise to depend on a single source for information, especially when it comes from the internet. In terms of publisher listings, one of the long established and most comprehensive sites is Preditors and Editors. I visit this site to see if a press has reached a high enough profile to be listed, and to see if there are any specific warnings or recommendations.

Listings tend to be very short, and given the size of the site it is not surprising that some of the listings are out of date (i.e. listing Loose Id as "new" and Lady Aibell as still open. Other comments and notations are to some extent a matter of opinion. Nevertheless here is a quick summary of the P&E listings of the erotic romance epublished also listed at ERECsite--for the purposes of comparison.

Please note the following is a summary of information from the Preditors and Editors site not material or recommendation from ERECsite. For full information and notations please visit Preditors and Editors.

Publishers Not Listed at P&E
Alinar, Amira, Black Velvet Seductions, Carnal Desires, Crescent Moon Press, Dark Castle Lords, Dark Roast Press, Diabolic, Discipline and Desire, Draumr, eXcessica, Forbidden Publications, Freya's Bower, LA Media, Logical Lust, Lyrical Press, Mystic Moon, Noble Romance Publishing, Pink Petal Books, Ravenous Romance, Romance Divine, Shadowfire Press, Siren, Tease Publishing, Wicked Women of Color.

Publishers Listed
ABCD Webmasters (specifically the imprints Wicked Velvet and Wicked Castle), Amber Quill, Aspen Mountain Press, Asylett Press, Cacoethes, Changeling Press, Cobblestone Press, Ellora's Cave, Erotique, Eternal Press, eXtasy, Hearts on Fire Books, Imajinn Books, Lachesis Publishing, L & L Dreamspell, Linden Bay, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, Midnight Showcase, Mojocastle Press, New Concepts Publishing, Phaze, Pink Flamingo, Red Rose Publishing, Renaissance Ebooks, Resplendence Publishing, Romance at Heart, Samhain Publishing, Tantalizing Tales, Torquere, Total E-Bound, Whiskey Creek Press, Whispers, The Wild Rose Press.

Special Categories
Highly Recommended: Ellora's Cave
Recommended: Liquid Silver Books
Not Recommended: Red Rose Publishing


Mary Winter said...

Pink Petal Books is an imprint of Jupiter Gardens Press, which is listed. Thanks!!!!!

veinglory said...

You should pop him an email and get Pink petals listed too. I notice that he does list imprints :)

Mary Winter said...

Thanks, Emily! I'll do that. I know that Piers mentions PPB under Jupiter Gardens Press, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, people are right to be wary. Looking down the list of the listed, I see one e publisher which owes royalty go figure...

Anonymous said...

I wonder how they decide a publisher is not recommended? I'm curious about Red Rose.