Monday, November 17, 2008

Publisher alert: Alyson -- Jules

Alyson was at one time a respected GLBT press, but there have been rumblings over the last month or two that all is not well. If you were thinking of sending a submission there (or have sent one recently), read the thread at Absolute Write, in particular posts 11, 12, 13 and 24. It appears that Alyson may be "gone away, no forwarding address". I have no independent confirmation of this at present.


veinglory said...

Things really do look worrying with reports of complete loss of communication between authors and the publisher. It is a pity, Alyson has put out some great books.

Fiona Glass said...

Wow, that is bad news. They and Cleis were two of the biggest and best respected gltb publishers. With the demise of Haworth that's not leaving many big players in the league... :(

Anonymous said...

They just hired Don Weise, who was an editor at Carroll & Graf, as publisher. They are re-commiting themselves to the GLBT market.