Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bulletin: New(ish) Market--veinglory

Mythica, seems to be an epublisher for all genres, including romance. The website went live November 2008. Their web copy contains some phrasings and memes that do not suggest, to me, that the operators have extensive industry experience. The owner is Graeme S. Houston: an author previously published by e-micro-press StoneHenge Publishing and who previously operated the late Stargazer Publishing. The two current upcoming books are by Brian L. Porter, an associate of Mr. Houston and consultant (editor?) at Mythica.

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Anonymous said...

I checked them out, and they appear to have only two authors at this point. The bio for one of these authors describes him as enigmatic, mysterious, rarely seen in public. The other goes by the name Harry Porter, and when you click on his website you get a Welcome to the World of Harry Porter message. And what's on top of the entire site? An ad promo for "Harry Potter".

Maybe there's nothing to be concerned about, but I just wouldn't trust an e-pub that relies on this kind of hype. Then there's the submissions page, which doesn't read like it was given much thought outside the apparent attempt to diss traditional publishing houses.