Sunday, December 07, 2008

Link Love--veinglory

A list if sites for legal free ebooks. It seems to me that if people want free ebooks it is easier (i.e. less self-interested and so more convincing) to tell them how to access these without pirating than try and convert them into a paying customer.

It seems like the cycle of make and re-make is accelerating with Fox already considering a remake of Romancing the Stone, made waaaaay back in 1984. But then again, how many of you remember that the heroine, Joan Wilder, was a romance novelist?

Read this only if you want to be annoyed: Emotional pornography: Men and women affected by different stimuli.

An ethical question involving ebooks.

I appreciate the New York Times description of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts current special display of Renaissance art: "Profane love is acknowledged with a choice display of erotica. The commodification and adoration of women run on parallel tracks...." We get so concerned bout tawdry erotic portrayals that I think we sometimes forget it is, and always has been, only one side of the coin.

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