Friday, December 26, 2008

One more year and average ebook sales figures continue to gradually improve. Based on the current data set:

Average sales in the first month: 228 copies (up 53 copies from last year)

Average sales in the first year: 395 copies (up 79 copies from last year)

Average sales for all books out one year or more: 703 copies (up 182 copies from last year)

Remember to update your data! All data that has not be updated within the last year will be removed from the data set.


Kris Eton said...

I've been looking at your data on and off for the past year and have wondered about one little niggling thing. The data for Liquid Silver. It doesn't make sense to me...but I'm not statistics expert. Maybe you can help me understand how average sales for the first month can be 189, but average sales for a whole year is only 167? If the average for one month is 189, wouldn't that dictate that the average sales for one year would have to be 189 or higher???? These books couldn't have sold negative copies...? Help me figure this one out.

veinglory said...

Under the old system (being phased out) I cited the total data set after each value. But actually in this case there are fewer books contributing to the one year figure (7 not 13).

As the more recently added books are selling better, they sell more in a month than the previous books sold in a year.

As I update the data (as shown by the date to the right) I will add more accurate figures of the number of books contributing to each figure.