Friday, December 05, 2008

Press Release: Linden Bay acquired by Samhain--veinglory


In a bold move, Samhain Publishing announced the purchase of Linden Bay Romance. In light of the downward spiral of the economy and the rapid consolidation of many of the larger publishers, Samhain Publishing has seized their chance to expand their market share by creating a new fiction line under the popular Samhain brand.

"From the beginning one of my goals was to create multiple lines within Samhain," says Christina Brashear, owner of Samhain Publishing. "With Linden Bay Romance's excellent reputation, I made the offer in the hopes the owners would see this sale as a mutual benefit to both houses."

"We hadn't considered selling Linden Bay and we were slowly making inroads with regards to increasing print distribution, but we've found, especially in light of the economy, neither sales teams nor buyers are very open to taking a chance on something new," says Lori James, part owner of Linden Bay Romance. "Samhain Publishing has the relationships in place that would take us years to develop." James continues, "The offer came at a time when we realized under the Samhain umbrella, Linden Bay Romance will be stronger and reach its full potential faster."

"For Samhain, it is a win-win situation," says Brashear. "We will expand our lines with an established name in the electronic book industry and we'll acquire an excellent stable of authors, editors and artists."

Samhain Publishing opened its doors on November 1, 2005 and already they've made a splash in the publishing world. From Publisher's Weekly features to dozens of fiction and cover art awards, this publisher is one to watch.

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Ann Somerville said...

Some LBR authors aren't happy:

But I can't see how it's a bad thing for them. Whether it's a good thing for we Samhain authors, I have no idea. If we have to compete for slots with them, then no. Crissy Brashear indicates we won't, but who knows?

Anonymous said...

I expect the Linden Bay team want to concentrate on their other enterprise, All Romance E books. Bigger profits there.