Monday, January 26, 2009

Why to Complain When There is No Point--veinglory

Think All used a classic trap. Offer a reasonably priced product, and hide a monthly subscription fee deep in the copious fine print. In June of 2006 I fell for it. I didn't notice for almost two months.

I cancelled the subscription, the took a second charge anyway. Think All said it had already been processing when I cancelled and I couldn't get it back. A three way phone call with the bank, where the bank said they would go to court to get that payment back, caused them to rethink that position.

I figured I was out the first payment, but I still registered a dispute with Think All. And today I got most of that money back by way of a Federal Trade Commission Settlement.

Scams are like viruses, they adapt and attack. But a little proactive activity helps keep your immunity up so you can still afford to get sneezed on from time to time. In this case 1) use a credit card for payment, 2) register disputes with all possible agencies (company, bank, BBB etc) even when you doubt it will have any effect.

Which isn't why I do it. I complain when I get screwed over because the only thing worse than being screwed over is acting like you think it was okay. But every now and then it also, quite literally, pays off.

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