Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simplified First Year Sales--veinglory

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Simplified First Month Data--vinglory

As a rule of thumb where the error bars do not overlap, as is the case between Ellora's Cave and Samhain (shown by the pink box) the difference is statistically significant.

Question Time (Wherein I steal a Good Question)--veinglory

A question from Bianca D'Arc over at Beyond the Veil:

"I'd really appreciate some opinions on this as it's been bothering me for quite a while. How do you all think of urban fantasy romance? Does it require "gritty" death scenes on every other page? Does it require a writer to absolutely TORTURE (and I mean TORTURE) their main characters? Or can it possibly have a less bloody death toll and some characters who actually end up truly happy? Or must every supporting character be blown away like a "red shirt" on Star Trek?"

My take on it is that there is a long tradition of 'angst' and 'h/c' fic in other genres and it is really crossing over pretty hard into urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Personally I kind of like it so long as it is done with some finesse rather than overt masochism by proxy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

One to avoid--veinglory

[via Lee Goldberg]: Lightsword Publishing is officially bankrupt, but seems to be attempting to metamorphose into LightSword Digital (LSP, shouldn't that be LSD?). It seems this new/old press will be fee charging. So, going to a low input publishing models and introducing up front fees?

"In early Spring of 2009 we look forward in updating our guidelines for submission requirements along with a complete outline of any and all fees for publishing with LSP Digital, LLC."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Market, I Guess?

Forbidden Passion Press (Myspace only, no website?--warning: automusic on site)

"We are open for submissions in “forbidden” romance genres, particularly ménage, BDSM, homoerotic and capture/abduction stories from authors who are passionate about erotic romance. Sex scenes must sizzle. Be explicit, use adult language and leaving nothing to the imagination. Books can be set in contemporary, historical, paranormal/fantasy worlds, etc."

Roy L. Swift
Shelby Burns
Mona Peters
Daniela Morgan
Eve Millar

Personalized Romance--veinglory is a site where you can buy a romance novel personalised with your name and some personal details.

I think this is a cute idea in theory, but in practice $50 for a book advertised as 150-190 pages (Amazon suggests some are under 100 pages with standard novel formatting) seem a little steep even for a novelty. And then you add $25 for you photo on a cover and $50 per page for personalised pages.

Perhaps I am too cynical but it seems to me that the vanity option goes both ways when the customer gets a book with their name in it, and the author gets to profit from otherwise unmarketable romance novels?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

March is Small Press Month--veinglory

This March is the lucky 13th occassion of Small Press Month. It would be nice if their promotional poster was a little bit easier to download, or is that just me? If you could see it, it would say:

"The small presses represent what is most brave, crazy and beautiful about our country and our literature. So let us all sing honor songs for the independent publishers." (Sherman Alexie)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

NEW: Eirelander Publishing--veinglory

Eirelander 'Heat', Opening October 2009.

"Eirelander Publishing is currently accepting submissions in erotica and erotic romance."

Publisher and Editor-in-Chief – Lee R. Morris
Senior Editor – Terran McGahae
Assistant Editor, Eirelander General – Miranda Murphy-Doyle
Assistant Editor, Eirelander Heat – Mika Moran
Executive in charge of Marketing and Promotions – Brit Bourdeaux
Author Liaison – Randi Murphy
Cover Artist – Buffi BeCraft-Woodall & Zaynah Monodee

Speaking of F/F--veinglory

If anyone out there is working on an FF here is a possible cover image. Hell, if it's going to be an anthology give me a call. I have never written F/F but this is a little... shall we say "inspirational"?

Looser Id--veinglory

Loose Id has long been one of the top erotic romance epublishers in the area of action-adventure, alternative lifestyles and sexualities, fantasy, futuristic, paranormal, suspense, urban fantasy. Their latest submission guidelines open the door to contemporaries and historical erotic romance, with a particular interest in historicals.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The Venus Press website has reappeared with the words "The VP family is happy to announce their soon reopening."

Adventures in Epublishing--veinglory

Many writers will at some time have spent time on one of Holly Lisle's websites (e.g., Forward Motion). Her latest endeavor is in the area of epublishing, specifically an ezine for speculative fiction to be called Rebel Tales (for more background see here). Although I have to say I see less rebel and more same 'ol in this mash up of subscription, one off and donation monetising with a side order of serial fiction. (Don't remember the online serial fiction fad? That might be because they all went bust within a year.) But how this particular adventure in doing things differently goes remains to be seen.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Market/Erotica: Paper bag Press--veinglory

Paper Bag Press, opened today.

"We at Paper Bag Press are looking for the highest-quality erotic short stories on the planet."

"Paper Bag Press is a new online publisher of erotica, located in Denver, Colorado. Amy Barnes — author, businesswoman, and entrepreneur — is the one in charge around here."

Friday, February 13, 2009

New depths in epublishing--veinglory

RSPublishing the Ebook Store

"You're presence is appreciated"

"...enhance your endomorphins..."

"In some rare cases, real books may be available."

"Prizes which I promissed will be available for readers who download anything..."

"And please check for typos etc, it will facilitate the whole process, which can only help you get published sooner."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some strange goings on at Cacoethes Publishing--veinglory

A press release states in part:

"Ms. Denise Mosley has officially disclosed the names of the authors whose contracts are being terminated by Cacoethes Publishing House"

"...parties who participated in those vicious, libelous chats will be dealt
with via our legal representatives"

Which sure looks like smoke to me.

See also: Victoria Strauss -- Cacoethes Publishing to Some of its Authors: See Ya!

Your Daily Dose of WTF

A.k.a. Hello-Kitty Man-Titty

[link: photo by Emily Hebert available courtesy Elle]

Sunday, February 08, 2009

[Opinion] The Plagiarism of Hope--veinglory

I take a pretty firm stance of plagiarism and piracy. But I am not an absolutist. People are going to make slips and mistakes, take the easy path, and be biased to do what is best for them rather than fair for others. So I send my take down notices and protect my copyright as best I can. I have made my own slips and realise that I had to remove bittorrent from my computer rather than have it there as a constant temptation to download works I ought to be paying for. Google images presents a similar ch allege to any graphic artist.

But I do think that sometimes exceptions can be made. For example the famous Obama 'HOPE' poster is a derivative work of a photograph where the copyright belongs to Associated Press. Now the the photography passed over copyright and Associated Press posses it. And they do struggle constantly with people thinking that just because they can access a picture the can modify, share and sell it. Which isn't the case. And the Hope poster was commercially exploited by the artist who must have made a few thousand dollars at the very least, and raised himself to national fame (as witness gallery shows and the recent USA network "character" advertisement about him).

But if an example is to be made it can be an example of hope, not just of punishment. Instead of just suing, AP could state the amount that should be paid for a picture used in that manner, and the name of the photographer who produced it (Manny Garcia) and the manner in which he is paid by agencies such as AP. And let's be honest here, Garcia was a short term hire that AP has long since discarded and so not exactly supporting their stance on the matter.

This matter has devolved into the usual ranting about art versus commerce (or copyright versus fair use, or work for hire versus contracted sale) further dichotomising the abstract issues between high level entities such as AP and the Fair Use project at Stanford university--and evading the matter of the photographers need to make a living and the desire of a nation to achieve justice through acts of generosity. Fairey used a photograph as inspiration and then turned this into financial gain, Garcia made that photograph. Intermediate agencies might instead broker a deal where things are put right by a proportion of the profits and the credit being passed back not only to the copyright owner AP as legally required, but the photographer himself as would be truly fair.

Friday, February 06, 2009

New Market: Wild Horse Press


"At this time, we are only accepting Romance and Erotica. All books accepted for publication will be formatted for e-book. Select titles will be available in print."

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bulletin: PA lawsuit--veinglory

The lawsuit brought by Victor Cretella (lawyer for Publish America) against Dave Kuzminski (of Preditors and Editors) based on comments in this thread at AbsoluteWrite was unfortunately successful--appeal pending (if you are interested in donating toward's Dave's legal fees you can do so here).

See also:
Dear Author--Victor Cretella Successful in Defamation Suit Over Statements Posted Online
Tawny Taylor--Predators and Editors on the Defense

Tuesday, February 03, 2009


RWA is increasing renewal of membership from $75 to $85 on March 1st. I am not sure what is happening to the current rate of $100 for new orlapsed members. Meanwhile there are plans afoot to start a GLBT RWA chapter.

Tavo have invented $40 gloves with a special cloth fingertip that allows you to use an iPhone without freezing your fingers off. Or for $15 you can get "Dots" gloves that get the same effect with a small metal attachment.

Aphrodisia is cutting their output.

Press Release:ARE Awards

Join us for a red carpet evening while we honor some of the best of romance epublishing!

The Best-selling Authors, Best-selling Books, Most Loyal Readers, Best-selling Publisher and Best-selling New Publisher will be recognized.

The ARe staff, our guest presenters, and Mistress of Ceremony Cat Johnson will be doing all the work that evening. You just need to slip into your most elegant formal wear, let us serve you a glass of champagne, sample some of the pre-party hors d'oeuvres—then sit back and enjoy the celebration!

The awards ceremony will be hosted live and on the air during the February 9th What's Hot in Romance radio show starting at 9:30 pm EST. The pre-party chat will start at 9:00 pm EST. While the champagne and hors d'oeuvres will be virtual, the awards will be very real and shipped to recipients following the show or delivered in person at either EPICON or RT.

We hope that you can come!
Lori James and Barb Perfetti
All Romance eBooks

Monday, February 02, 2009

Epublisher closing?

Carnal Desires, the erotic imprint of Double Dragon is reported by Piers Anthony to be closed as of January 1st--no sign of this on their website though?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

New Epublisher: Rogue Phoenix Press

Website here. Oregan-based, accepts reprints, looks like the focus is sweeter romance sub-genres--so not one for the PLIST. Open since August 1st. A little vague re: the owners (Christine Young?) c.f. the writers.

Edited to add: it looks like the print option requires authors to buy 20 copies of the book. Avoid.