Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bulletin: PA lawsuit--veinglory

The lawsuit brought by Victor Cretella (lawyer for Publish America) against Dave Kuzminski (of Preditors and Editors) based on comments in this thread at AbsoluteWrite was unfortunately successful--appeal pending (if you are interested in donating toward's Dave's legal fees you can do so here).

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Anonymous said...


I've no love for PA, but Dave is a jerk of the first order, I'm glad someone finally put the guy in his place.

Fiona Glass said...

I find this worrying. Can individuals no longer express their concerns about companies? How are writers supposed to pass on their misgivings about publishers if/when those publishers 'behave badly'? Or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick? ;)

Jill Elaine Hughes said...

It looks like Dave K. may have tried to defend this without a lawyer. If that is true, small wonder he lost. Hopefully he can get a lawyer to do the appeal.

Anonymous said...

@fiona glass

this was a lawsuit by two guys not a guy and a company, expressing opinions on a company are still okay as long as they are just opinions