Friday, February 13, 2009

New depths in epublishing--veinglory

RSPublishing the Ebook Store

"You're presence is appreciated"

"...enhance your endomorphins..."

"In some rare cases, real books may be available."

"Prizes which I promissed will be available for readers who download anything..."

"And please check for typos etc, it will facilitate the whole process, which can only help you get published sooner."


AnneMarble said...

Oh dear. Did you read the comments about meeting "the Head of a Large Publishing House" on the News page?

It's all about the Great Ones keeping us down. How dare they refuse to publish anthologies because they don't sell? Yeah, I've heard that tune before.

Anonymous said...

"So to give everybody plenty of time, the free-bees will available..."

Oh, how lucky. I just ran out of bees and need some new ones. How else will I make honey?

Jeanne St. James said...

How embarrasing for them. (and for us)... I wouldn't give them my credit card info. No way.