Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Market, I Guess?

Forbidden Passion Press (Myspace only, no website?--warning: automusic on site)

"We are open for submissions in “forbidden” romance genres, particularly ménage, BDSM, homoerotic and capture/abduction stories from authors who are passionate about erotic romance. Sex scenes must sizzle. Be explicit, use adult language and leaving nothing to the imagination. Books can be set in contemporary, historical, paranormal/fantasy worlds, etc."

Roy L. Swift
Shelby Burns
Mona Peters
Daniela Morgan
Eve Millar


Angie said...

I'm wondering just how familiar these folks are with the current erotic romance market if they think those subgenres are "forbidden." [blinkblink]


Anonymous said...

That was my first thought, also, Angie. When I got to "forbidden" in the sentence, I started thinking incest, pedophilia, that type of romance/sex that most cultures frown on. Given the content of current common erotic romances, it would be hard to find one without some element of menage, BDSM, male/male, etc.

And I can't help but be leary of a supposed publisher without their own real website. Maybe this Myspace blog is just temporary until they have their own site up?

Raelene Gorlinsky

Anonymous said...

Maybe they don't have a real website because they're forbidden? LOL Sorry, that joke sucked.

Melissa Schroeder said...

I just signed with them, so I guess I can comment. They will have a website soon, they are getting the design set. I know one of the owners quite well, so I know it is on the up and up. They aren't opening until late summer depending on working out the kinks on the website.
Forbidden, hmmm, well although many people in the ER world don't think of things as forbidden, most others do, believe me. I just went through this today at a bday party for my kid. Always nice to let the other parents know what I do for a living lol. But I believe the forbidden was just meant to be racy, erotic romance.
Plus, I have seen a downturn in ALL epubs in the capture books. Many pubs have moved them out of their normal lines.

Their terms are better than some of my other publishers, 5 years, 40%. The book they signed was something that I had written for another epub but decided not to submit because they refused to negotiate rights. My agent was frankly appalled at their attitude, so I have hesitated for close to six months. I had thought of holding onto it, but after talking with the owners, seeing their plans for the future, I decided to submit it to them.
I signed the contract this Friday, they have Natalie WInters working on my cover already. This is not going to be some fly by night operation.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about them, but am hopeful. The last few erotics I've purchased have been either no romance-just sex, or okay romance-luke warm sex or even worse has been that I just couldn't believe in the characters or care about them. Who knows if this publisher will make it happen or not? Maybe another fly-by-night, but I hope not.