Friday, February 06, 2009

New Market: Wild Horse Press


"At this time, we are only accepting Romance and Erotica. All books accepted for publication will be formatted for e-book. Select titles will be available in print."


Anne D said...

What's with the hoofless horse? Doesn't soemthing like that happen in Equs? or was that horses heads?

Anonymous said...

Also, they only want "Only accepting US author's [SIC] at this time!"

And I can't find an about us for them anywhere.

Dakota Flint said...

Is it usual for rights to automatically renew unless the author writes a letter in the last month of their current contract?

Anonymous said...

I have a book published with them and have been very happy so far ... my other publisher also has a contract that automatically renews.

Dakota Flint said...

Thanks for clarifying, Anon!

After I asked, I went to re-read my current contracts and one of my publishers does include automatic renewals, so I guess I should have looked first before asking. :)

Anonymous said...

I've a contract with WHP and can't be more satisfied. The publishing office extends a bit more personal service toward its authors with weekly updates.