Saturday, February 14, 2009

New Market/Erotica: Paper bag Press--veinglory

Paper Bag Press, opened today.

"We at Paper Bag Press are looking for the highest-quality erotic short stories on the planet."

"Paper Bag Press is a new online publisher of erotica, located in Denver, Colorado. Amy Barnes — author, businesswoman, and entrepreneur — is the one in charge around here."


Anonymous said...

I can respect they're upfront about being a smut peddler, lol. But after reading the short excerpts, aw man. There's good smut and then there's poor smut and I'd just make the suggestion to this publisher to go back and re-edit these things. If I want to read poor smut I'll just dig out the old Letters to Penthouse collections.

Jordan Castillo Price said...

I'm intrigued by the plain-brown-wrapper covers. Since authors often have little to no control over the covers they get, it does seem like a great leveler to give them all a plain brown wrapper and let them stand on the strength of their title, blurb, and overall concept.