Monday, February 23, 2009

One to avoid--veinglory

[via Lee Goldberg]: Lightsword Publishing is officially bankrupt, but seems to be attempting to metamorphose into LightSword Digital (LSP, shouldn't that be LSD?). It seems this new/old press will be fee charging. So, going to a low input publishing models and introducing up front fees?

"In early Spring of 2009 we look forward in updating our guidelines for submission requirements along with a complete outline of any and all fees for publishing with LSP Digital, LLC."


Anonymous said...

So she's going to be a POD publisher? [Not a POD printer, which only charges for printing].

I've never looked into a POD publishing service, what do they offer that requires a fee? Is it digital pre-press and cover art?

I personally think knowing how to acquiring your cover, design your book, hire and work with a freelance editor, and know how to upload to your digital files to the printer should all be requirements if a writer plans to produce their own work.

:/ I know that sounds elitist, but if you're going the self-production route--you should learn and enjoy ALL the processes of 'production' as much as the end result--if you're only in it to see your work in print and that's it, then stay away from self-publishing, do the submissions dance. Your work will speak for itself.


Anonymous said...

This morph-job into a vanity/subsidy press (not POD -- that's a printing model, not a publishing model) seems in retrospect to be inevitable. The quality of the single book I read was, um, questionable. Especially in that it was sold as fiction, and was nothing of the kind.

Guess Limp Sword was not making enough money from its authors' family and friends. Now it's after the authors themselves.