Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some strange goings on at Cacoethes Publishing--veinglory

A press release states in part:

"Ms. Denise Mosley has officially disclosed the names of the authors whose contracts are being terminated by Cacoethes Publishing House"

"...parties who participated in those vicious, libelous chats will be dealt
with via our legal representatives"

Which sure looks like smoke to me.

See also: Victoria Strauss -- Cacoethes Publishing to Some of its Authors: See Ya!


Anonymous said...

Hm. As long as in their looming lawsuit what they're labeling libel is legally labeled libel by lawyers and not just libelous labeling laden-ready for a lucrative counter-libel lawsuit by their literary luminaries.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, if they can't even bother to proof read their press release, why would you WANT to publish with them?

Anonymous said...

I was a proofreader, briefly, for Cacoethes Publishing -- and no, they usually don't proofread or edit their books at all. Warning to everyone who's thinking about dealing with them: they do not pay. I've been trying for three months to get the money they owe me. Stay away!

Lisa Wright said...

I am one of the ousted authors. I am amazed at the support they still get from many of their remaining novelists. Why would one not give pause when these things are going on? I'll never know.

If I could get an OFFICIAL release of my rights, I would be thrilled, but I will settle on being happy that I am unofficially no longer a part of their organization. [Oh except for my amazon listing which they can still profit from.]

I would say I regret signing with them to begin with [which I do], but at the same time, it is a learning experience much like most of life's undesireable happenings!

Oh well! I guess that which doesn't kill you, makes a good story!

Anonymous said...

I am terribly disappointed. The company has zero integrity as far as I can tell. I signed on with them and am approaching the one year mark with my contract with no movement at all! At least the contract states that at that point the terms are terminated. I can only hope they keep up with their lack of nothingness. I fully expected them to take my work as seriously as I have. It takes the steam out of the work I have held so dear to my heart. Wow. Completely unprofessional work on their part. No excuses.