Wednesday, March 25, 2009

2009 RITA and Golden Heart Finalists

The full list can be found here. Congratulations to all. Is anyone following closely enough to know if any erotic romance made the final cut?

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Sarah S. G. Frantz said...

Doesn't look like, but not quite done yet. RWA so totally needs to get with the program about e-books, e-pubs and erotic romance. It's actually pretty sad at this point that they're still not considering these books, especially with the Inspirational category so loud and proud.

Anonymous said...

RWA has a very strong institutional bias against erotic romance. They will probably never create a category for it, and they are openly hostile to erotic authors. They are even worse when it comes to GLBT subject matter, to the point they recently tried to define the romance genre in their charter as being between "one man and one woman." I let my membership lapse due to this attitude and have no intention of renewing.

veinglory said...

If you consider erotica a theme not a genre it might be expect to appear across most of the categories. Some of the titles look erotic but I am not familiar with the books and so do not know for sure....