Friday, March 13, 2009

Current Comment on... Epublishing--veinglory

Sling Words: Published Vs. Well Published
"What's the difference between the two? Money."

Midlist Writer: Read An E-book Week
"In the submission guidelines, they tell you right up front that sales will be low and that you should try to get a mainstream publisher first. I have never seen an epublisher do this. Bravo for the honesty and good advice!"

The Galaxy Express: 10 Ways To Do An End Run Around Literary Agents
"And with the rise of ebooks, getting a book into print isn’t the Holy Grail it used to be."

Book Thingo: ARRC09 Round-up (Part 4)
"...someone said that ebook covers can often be better than Harlequin covers. I’d have to disagree."

ERWA: Erotic Lure Newsletter, March 2009
"... the new epublisher Dreamspinner Press is inviting M/M romance submissions." (New? In epub land isn't over 2 years old positively ancient?)

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