Thursday, March 26, 2009

Does Publishing Need to "Man Up"?

A recent editorial was tongue in check about 'remasculinising' literacy.

"It doesn't help, of course, that so many books are clad in covers which are bright pink or otherwise offensively girly. I don't want to read them on the bus, so I can only imagine that men must be even more discouraged."

Not just men as it happens. I think this might conflate being female-ized with being feminised. Particularly in the realm of romance there does tend to be a lot of pink-sparkli-rainbow-ness. Of course in erotic romance there is a lot of bulbous male and female titty which can also be difficult on the bus....

"It might require little more than a television series (and book tie-in) starring a handsome, profanity-spewing librarian to make men realise that it only takes a few page turns to distinguish themselves from the rest of those Slow Worms."

Apparently this writer missed the "Librarian" movies? Maybe we don't need butch up books so much as encourage ment to be more comfortable with themselves--so that a pink cover doesn't frighten them half to death. And maybe I need to get over being embarrassed by bare flesh on a cover.

I shall take a lesson sexual self-confident from Flight of the Conchords forthwith:


Fiona Glass said...

I'm with you on the pink sparkliness and the bare flesh. I feel there's a need to rethink book covers in general in the romance/erotic romance categories to make them more accessible and less likely to scare off half the population at any given time. ;)

Msp said...

flight of the conchords... snorted coffee over the comp this morning...

Tooooooo funny, truthful and well such is the state of the 'love life' of poor American-clutching-their-genre -frustrated females/or males, LOL