Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Filedby Author Website

New Site Hosts 1.8 Million Author Web Pages: " host Web pages that provides a brief biography and a list of works for all American and Canadian authors".

If you are an author you may be there (I am), and able to claim and develop your page. They claim to list any author who has "published a book in the U.S. or Canada and [has] a valid ISBN" -- but I don't see any ebooks, ISBN or not.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, here's my scandal - :)

After you claim your page, they present title listings that are 'half-full'. For example, Only Words has it's full ISBN and plot summary info but Gadarene does not. [both were registered with Bowker]. It looks bad.

They have an original German manga of mine up there called Loud Snow, which isn't slated for release in English under its US ISBN until 2010, but they have the German acquisition date, no cover, and no summary info.

If I want to add the summary info to all my listings, and fix what they have wrong, I have to pay a fee. :/

All I can do right now is fix cover images or edit whatever author pic is there - but as far as changing misinformation or adding proper summaries, this is a pay service.

veinglory said...

Yeah, they have me publishing one of my novels as a toddler, but I can't correct the year :/

Linda Mooney said...

I joined under the free (basic) program. They have 2 of my books listed, which I was able to edit and add covers for, including my profile pic.

It looks like there might be some connection with Amazon. Just a guess, tho.

Fiona Glass said...

I've been contacted by various sites like this over the years. They all offer a basic listing, they all claim that said listing will 'increase hits to my site by a factor of x' and they all charge a fee to improve or alter that listing, even if the original is full of mistakes. I've never responded because I felt it was a form of spam/scam?