Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fresh Links--veinglory

* A Reader's Guide to Author Websites (Book Binge)
* Hachette: From Boom to Bust (Kash's Book Corner)
* Tweetdeck: an easy way to keep up with twitter.
* The Romentics writing team, Scott Pomfret and Scott Whittier, are releasing their latest novel via Palari Publishing.
* DABWAHA (Dear Author Bitchery Writing Award for Hellagood Authors)
* Romance novel themes (Romantic Times Bookclub, 2002)
* Random romance novel title generator
* Books-A-Million Results Fall (Publishers Weekly)
* "Muerte por algodón de dulce" (romance blog storm metaphor?)
* Book Sculptures by Brian Dettmer
* Ravenous Romance, first print rights sale: "WOMEN OF THE BITE by Cecilia Tan, to be published this fall by Alyson Books!" [via twitter]

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Fiona Glass said...

That readers' guide to author websites is a must-read, thanks for posting!