Sunday, March 22, 2009

Review: Google Blogger for Dummies--veinglory

A few years ago I started to blog on Blogspot (a.k.a. Google Blogger) and now I have eight different blogs across Blogger and Wordpress. So when I saw review copies of Google Blogger For Dummies were available I was quick to ask for one. As it happens I think the years of working it out for myself with template and layout, on blogspot, on my own host, domain mapping etc etc meant the book was more reassuring than informative.

I agreed with pretty much everything in this book and wish I had a book like this to learn from rather than trial and error. And there are a few sections I will be reading over again more closely like the one on monetising and using social networks--there are two areas where I am still a beginner.

However if you are still working out how to get the best benefit our of a blog this book is certain one of the better "Dummies" books I have read. And it would be very handy to someone starting out so they don't have to go through those days of frustration working out just how to get what you want with blogger. Because, Lord knows, blogger help forums are no use whatsoever. And for those more quirky issues (like how blogspot occasions refused to ftp files unless you fiddle with the url) there is always Google itself and the support of your fellow bloggers ;)


Annmarie Ortega said...

I just picked up this book around a week ago. I'm hoping to learn some more advanced information that I don't already know.

Fiona Glass said...

I wish I'd had this years ago when I first started with Blogspot - and again when they switched everything I'd just learned to a new system and I now can't do half the things I used to be able to do!