Friday, March 20, 2009

Themes: Inter-racial

I thought it might be interesting to invite some discussion about some of the most popular erotic romance themes--and to try and collect together some useful links.

Theme: Interracial/multicultural

Publishers actively seeking: Ellora's Cave, Loose Id, Cobblestone Press, Red Rose Publishing, Samhain, Shadowfire Press, Interracial Ebooks

Authors: Barbara Sheridan, Alisha Rai.

Book suggestions:
Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai (Samhain)
Shaking Off the Dust by Rhianna Samuels (Samhain)
Try a Little Tenderness by Roslyn Hardy (Loose Id)

So if you know of more publishers specifically seeking IR, blogs, authors or any other resources, please let me know and I will add them here.

I would also be interested in guest blogs from authors and readers of IR.


Anonymous said...

Red Rose Publishing is geared for and actively since day one. We accept MC/IR stories and has a link just for them. This is an on going thing since 2007.

Please take a look,

we also have a blog and release at least 1 to 2 IR books every time we release. We have done this since 2007 when we opened our doors.

Take care and have a great day!


vanessa jaye said...

Samhain offers IR (although there's only one book in their backlist--check the sidebar link on their site). But there's been periodic posts from them where they've shown interest in publishing more IR, it's just that they haven't recieved the submissions (or maybe they have, but the story overall didn't work or was not up to standards re craft).

One of the current top 10 books on MBSM is an interacial menage with an East Asian heroine and two Caucasian heroes--Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai.

Once I finish my current shifter wip, if Samhain accepts it the next story in the series with feature an interracial relationship between the current hero's best-friend, a black man/ black panther and a caucasian heroine. We'll see how that one flies, since I believe it's been noted that romance readers are more accepting of a bw/wm pair up rather than a bm/ww relationship.

But now I've gone completely off topic! As you were.

LVLM(Leah) said...

As a reader and as a Caucasian married to a Japanese American, and who lived in Japan for many years, I'd totally love to read more interracial stories with Asians. They are even more uncommon than the African American/ Caucasian story.

Although I just like reading any interracial/multicultural love story over mainstream stuff.

A lot of Barbara Sheridan's books have Asian/Caucasian AM/WW partnerships.

And Rhianna Samuels'- Shaking Off the Dust from Samhain is one of the rare contemporary AM/WW interracial love stories.

Sedonia Guillone, who writes for Total-E-Bound, also mixes races/cultures in her m/m stories.

Gail Faulkner wrote Wanna Play a WM/BW story though EC.

But these stories are far and few between.

I'm always on the look out for interracial/multicultural stories.

Jeanne St. James said...

I just finished an interracial menage and subbed to Samhain. I would like to see more. I'm glad most pubs are looking. I might consider writing more IR in the future.

M Barnette said...

Shadowfire Press is actively seeking IR stories. We have several in our backlist and several in our coming soon list, including a few f/f stories with WW/NatAmW. We're especially interested in BM/WW, AM/WW, LM/WW m/f or m/m at this time.

Anonymous said...

I personally don't get the interracial fetish. I honestly think we as a society should be well past that now. I've written interracial relationships into my books, but I don't market them as such, since I don't think we should be encouraging this kind of fetish.

Just my opinion.

kirsten saell said...

I think the reason Samhain only has one title listed as IR is because they're constrained by a two-category listing system. So if your Red Hot Paranormal menage has a AA woman and two white characters, like Crystal Jordan's Total Eclipse of the Heart, it can only be listed in those two categories. That doesn't mean those books don't exist, just that they're not listed as IR.

Of course, Samhain has a keyword search function that could help in locating those IR books that are listed in other categories.

Anonymous said...

Angelia Sparrow and I just released Glad Hands with EC, an m/m futuristic which features a Native American and white pair of heroes.

And in regard to Anon: I don't think we went into it as a fetishistic thing. The inter-racialness isn't dwelled upon beyond the few culture clashes that come up naturally between them and their families.

Angela James said...

You only saw one book because you were looking at the wrong category :P

I've given a million and one (okay, I might exaggerate by one) interviews in which I mention wanting more interracial, and happily reading it, but one thing I've noticed is that many more books come in these days with interracial couples but not marketed specifically as an interracial genre.

Subsequently, we have quite a few interracial books that aren't marked as such, per the authors' requests. Some authors would prefer they not be "segregated" like that because they feel it might hinder as much as help. We respect the authors' decision in this.

Jeanne St. James said...

To Anon: I don't see this as a fetish, I see this as a genre.

veinglory said...

Thanks for the inout, I will keep this post updated and side-linked with other theme posts.

Barbara Sheridan said...

Noble Romance is interested as well.

Mary Winter said...

Pink Petal Books is also interested in I/R stories.

Kris Eton said...

When I got a contract with Liquid Silver for my book, The Opal Hunter, they tagged it as IR without me even thinking about that aspect. The heroine is hispanic (1st generation American) and the hero is caucasian.

I think it's not a fetish either, but another way of classifying reading material so that you can find the kinds of romances you want. Plenty of people out there are in 'mixed' marriages/relationships and like to read about characters similar to themselves.

Having grown up in a part of the country where there is a variety of races and backgrounds, I really didn't even think about my story being 'race' oriented. The heroine's background and family history suited the story I wanted to tell.

D Carney said...

I have a new release with Siren-Bookstrand coming out in May entitled "How To Tame A Cougar". Although it is about a bf/wm, the story is more about the differences in their ages (older woman/younger man)! I also have a few other IR titles under publication consideration at two houses and plan on submitting more in the future.

I've been living an IR relationship for over 12 years - happily married for 10 of them. Frankly, it can sometimes get old having to read about blonde, blue-eyed heroines with their equally blond, blued heroes (and yes, I'm exaggerating). I like reading IR because for the most part it gives me a little something to relate to.

roslynholcomb said...

Emily is the IR blog yours or does it belong to someone else?

I have an interracial book with Loose-Id, Try a Little Tenderness. It's also available in print. It's an adventure story of a relationship between a former stripper and a virus hunter. Race isn't really the focus though she's a black woman and he's a white man.

Jeanne St. James said...

I am noticing most IR books are BW/WM. I prefer the BM/WW and have never read a BW/WM romance. I guess maybe because I am a WW and when I read a book I want something that would be close to my own fantasy? In fact, my IR menage includes a WM/BM/WW and I really enjoyed writing it.

veinglory said...

The IR blog is not anything to do with me, just something I come across. If there are other IR blogs out there please let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Noble Romance publishes IR erotic romance, and we do label them as such under "special content," which would be Theme, and not Genre. I've never put out a specific call for IR stories. Perhaps I should. :-)

roslynholcomb said...

I've got an interracial romance out right now called Try a Little Tenderness. It's through Loose-Id and available at Fictionwise and ARe as well as Amazon and other print vendors.

I'd love to do a guest blog Emily, as both a writer and reader of IR romances.

veinglory said...

Hi Roslyn, I would be thrilled to see a guest post. Just tell me what and when :)

KL/LE said...

Phaze Books accepts I/R romance as well. It's a popular genre with us.


Lauren said...

Emily, this is a great blog topic. Liquid Silver Books offers some great interracial romances, although their site doesn't categorize the books as such. For instance, my debut sci-fi/futuristic romance STARSTRUCK: HUNTER is an interracial romance (BW/WM).

Liquid Silver Books categorizes their romances by genre, so the only way to tell if one is interracial or multicultural is by A) the cover or B) the author's notes on their personal site.

I've come across some great multicultural/interracial romances on Liquid Silver Books -- some have been a surprise because many covers don't give that aspect away.

Pat Cromwell said...

I've written 5 interracial romances, 2 at Amira Press and 3 at Red Rose Publishing and I have several more contracted. My work is contemporary romance.

As for more information on IR / MC theme books, on my website I update a listing each week of IR/MC books released. I started the list a couple years ago. I don't have specific stats, but I'd say each week I list a minimum of 5 books I've located with an IR/MC Theme, most all are new releases.

I supply viewers of the list with the author's name, title of the book, and a buy link where they can get more information. Anyone interested in viewing the list can find it at

Pat Cromwell