Thursday, March 12, 2009


I have tentatively entered the twitterverse. My main goal is environmental scanning in the area of erotica/romance/epublishing (a.k.a. "finding stuff out"). Any recommendations about who to follow (people with a high content to twaddle ration) would be appreciated. :)


Angela James said...

There are a lot of publishing people, and specifically digital publishing people, on Twitter. Can you refine what you're looking for more? Just specifically in regards to "epublishers" or to digital publishing? I will happily point you to some of the people I follow but some of it isn't epublishing specific, but more about digital in general.

veinglory said...

Any publishing material would be interesting. Romance or erotica particualrly but not exclusively. In fact any interesting professional/industry type stuff without to much "I'm on the bus" or "I'm having a latte" stuff ;)

Angela James said...

I can't guarantee that there will be no personal chatter, but here you go (and, um, I see you followed me but you should be warned that I Twitter a lot. Not like what I had for breakfast--well, sometimes--but random things about editing, life, etc. so you might want to reconsider, lol)

You'll get a nice mix of publishing/digital/industry chatter and links from those people.