Monday, March 16, 2009


Bye Bye Sci Fi
The US TV Sci Fi channel will soon be known as the Sy Fy channel (buying out the previous use of the name by SyFy Portal, now Airlock Alpha) because with the slogan "imagine greater". The implication seems to be they want to leave behind their geeky fans and go onto greater things. A phrase involving 'gift horse' and 'mouth' comes to mind. Also if the idea is to escape a generic term and develop a stylish brand, why use the most boring font, style and slogan imaginable? "Brand evolution reflective of a broader range of imagine-based entertainment -- creates ownable and extendable brand name for the future". (Zzzzzzzz). [News and picture from Linda Mooney]

Old Concepts
Meanwhile New Concepts seems to be running a little short on authors (gee, I wonder why?). But it looks like they are pursuing a "work for hire" model? "New Concepts Publishing is looking for staff writers to develop company properties. Writers must be willing to work from guidelines and be able to produce an acceptable finished product within a given time frame. Applicants should apply with a sample of their writing." They are also listing an average earn out, over the three year contract, of $450 (c.f. Brenda Haitt's "Show Me the Money": $650).

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