Monday, April 06, 2009

Blog Challenge

The blog task of the day is to Write an Elevator Pitch for Your Blog.

The main problem with my own blog is wavering identity. Is it about me, the online "me", my books, all myself, none of the above? So the job of writing your elevator pitch is not so much branding your work as determining the role of the blog in this endeavor.

Please post your pitches if you write one.

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veinglory said...

Veinglory Blog is the bloggy home-base of persona von data* Emily Veinglory. Emily is a writer of erotic romance, dark fantasy and gay fiction. She is also an illustrator, crafter, blogger, poet, reviewer, adventuress and general purpose smart ass. If you don’t like Emily Veinglory you probably won’t like this blog. If you do like Emily Veinglory you still might not like this blog. But if you Google Emily Veinglory you may well end up on this page, and learn the answer to the question: Who the hell is Emily Veinglory.**

* hybrid of a pen name and an online avatar.
** How’s that for keyword density?***
*** That was a rhetorical question.