Monday, April 13, 2009

Double plus unfail (or not?)

It looks like the Amazon derankings have been, um, un-deranked :)

Funniest amazonfail twitter: "Kroger grocery overrides produce manager's removal of phallic fruits & vegetables from shelves. Blames automated scanner glitch." (roncharles)

Some books are still deranked--is yours? You can add it to the list here.

A good summary here: Authors, readers angry over Amazon 'glitch'


Anonymous said...

I'm sure it was easy for them to simply 'undo' what they implemented in the first place.

As opposed to a glitch...which would take time to fix because it would need to be rooted out and all that...


Jeanne St. James said...

I would assume they quickly changed it back due to the power of the Internet. Word travels very quickly these days.

Anonymous said...

They're taking their sweet time about it if they are.

Anonymous said...

My books are all still deranked. They are not moving quickly on this. I just sent them a nasty email. What a bunch of asshats.