Friday, April 24, 2009

Press Release: Virtual Tales

"Virtual Tales is looking for Romances, Westerns, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure and many others. Please take a moment to visit our web site at if you would like to submit please follow the following guidelines.

To submit your manuscript to Virtual Tales Publications, please go to the following web address: for complete submission guidelines. Please take the effort to follow our submission guidelines as it makes it easier for our editors to review your work in the same light as other submissions.

Not following the submission guidelines may cause us to reject your manuscript. We look forward to hearing from you reviewing your manuscript."

Does anyone know more about Virtual Tales?

I suppose it is moot for our subject area in that the following are automatically rejected:

* NC-17 / X rated stories
* Erotica
* Alternative lifestyles
* Children's books

Unfortunate terminology aside (have we not buried that one yet?) is it a change to be scooped in with kids books rather than the more usual erotic taboos. On a final note, very non-erotic romance banner they have there :) I am sure that couple will get up, shake hands and go home separately....


Annmarie Ortega said...

I loved that last sentence.

Anonymous said...

She's just sucking out the baby jellyfish that swam into his throat, right?