Friday, April 10, 2009

Review: One Deadly Sin by Annie Solomon (Forever)

I requested a review copy of One Deadly Sin (by Annie Solomon) because of the way the heroine is described. She is a tattooed barmaid-slash-bikerchick going back to her home town to figure out whether her father really committed suicide back when she was young, or whether he actually met a far more sinister end. I thought this might be a kind of romance I could really get behind with a rock chick and the law man she crosses paths with.

Edie, however, rapidly stopped making sense to me. She comes into town and plants tiny stone angels on men she thinks might be involved in her father death. To begin with I suspected this might be a Black Arrow reference, but Edie isn't actually planning to take her revenge. The angel represents her father's headstone and her plan goes no further than some vague hope that her trinkets will stir things up and cause spontaneous confessions (or something). When these men start dying under suspicious circumstance the pressure starts to build.

Except that I never really felt it. Edie changes her names by a few letters and goes back to a town so small it has only two cops and no taxi cab--and no one works out who she is. She even goes to her Dad's former workplace (the only major business in town) in "disguise" just by wearing a suit, and still using her real name. I don't know what small town you guys have been in but I don't see this working on the local gossip, let alone any kind of competant sheriff.

Holt, the sheriff, comes with a barely-mentioned late wife and cute girlchild (from central casting). And neither main character really does anything to reveal what really happened to Daddy, provoking the real villain to finally break down and reveal themselves in an implausible finale. The whole problem with this readable but irritating books is summed up in miniature by a scene where Edie gets upset and so goes speeding along the country roads on her motorcycle in the middle of the night, with no helmet on, and falls off... and doesn't even get a significant bruise. Which is to say that characters don't seems too smart and the outcomes don't seem too realistic.

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It'sstill at th top of my to be read pile. I have been waiting for it to be released for quite a while now.