Saturday, April 11, 2009


For those paying tax in the US, remember you need to declare any royalties over $10 regardless of the paperwork sent (or not sent) by the publisher.

The rumor that Barnes & Noble with make their own ebook reader is now widespread ( see Bad Idea, Slippery Brick)

There is a grassroots campaign against overpriced kindle editions. See 9.99 boycott.

Apparently it is not only romance that sells well in a recession, but also Christian fiction.

Cheap thrill: Buy a romance novel: "It’s been all over the news–the fact that romance novels are selling like hot cakes. They mainstream press says it’s because of the happy endings. Trust me, it’s the sex."

The Thorn Birds to open as a musical in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Re: the kindle boycott,
I can see the gripe with the rising cost. There's no legitimate excuse for it. But I figured some time back the outrageous prices were coming. Amazon is out to make the bucks and setting ethical prices seems about as high on their priority list as barring questionable publisher listings or "reader" comments.

Anonymous said...

they've also done a lousy job at controlling rabid author comments. All together, it is these things that make shopping at brick & mortar stores so much more appealing.

jd said...

Minor clarification: the IRS link is for the IRS form (like a W-2 for wages) that reports the royalties paid to the author. It's basically instructions for the publisher, rather than the author.

ALL royalties received by the author, down to the first dollar, must be reported on the recipient's income tax return.

The ten dollar limit is just to determine whether the publisher has to file the 1099 with the IRS, similar to banks who don't have to report interest paid to a customer under ten bucks.

So, if an author gets a 1099 (and it's correct), that's the amount that should be included in the income tax return. If an author gets no 1099, but received an amount less than $10, then the amount actually received is what's reported on the income tax return.

Yeah, I know -- not likely to make a big difference if it's a whole 9 bucks in income, but it is supposed to be reported.

veinglory said...

Thanks for the correction :)