Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bulletin: RT credit card issues

It is being reported on several forums and loops that attendees of the Romantic Times (RT) convention have had trouble with credit card fraud--probably relating to use of the credit card at the Wyndham Hotel. If you did this you might want to go online and check your recent charges. A quick Google suggests that the Wyndham hotels have something of an ongoing issue with protecting credit card information from hackers? (that is, they aren't good at it--last year hackers are reported as getting card data from Wyndham hotels). This hotel chain might be one to avoid?

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Desirée Lee said...

That particular Wyndham sucks ass in my opinion. They really blew it with my friend's reservation to Screamfest a few years back and we all ended up just leaving without going to the convention because of all the frustrations with the hotel.

I wanted to go to RT this year but finances prevented it. Knowing what hotel it was held at made me a little glad that I did miss it.

It sucks for the people who are victims of fraud, but after my experiences with the employees of that wretched hotel, I am not surprised one bit.

Carpe Noctem,

Desirée Lee
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