Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Links--even more random than usual

* Reading cuts stress levels by 68%
* Piers Anthony's Anonymous Source is a Liar By Angela Hoy (See also: Piers Anthony: A Writers Resource)
* Real Doll erotica [adult link]
* Balloon dresses
* The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
* The narwhal
* A case of curiosities (taxidermy)

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Teddy Pig said...

Who is that whack job Angela Hoy?

1. A writer who has a complaint about a company submits that complaint to me.

2. I launch an investigation, which includes sending the full complaint to the accused publisher/editor or service provider (the "company").

3. The company is provided with the name of the accuser, of course. (Otherwise, how can they check their records and provide an accurate defense?) We don't publish the name of the accuser in our final report (unless they specifically ask us to) but the Company knows who they are all along.
Why the hell would anyone tell the crazy bitch anything if she is going to run to the publisher and let them know exactly who is complaining and what they are saying?

Writers Weekly Whispers and Warnings sounds like it does more to get writers in trouble with their publisher than solve any problems.

At least Piers Anthony admits he is more interested in the Writers concerns and not the Publishers reputation.