Tuesday, May 12, 2009


* Sarah Palin erotica
* The Eroticization of Equality and Social Justice
* Was it good for you?
* Please welcome Lori Perkins...Agent, ePublisher, Author
* Epublishing--the beginning
* Awe-Struck has been acquired by Mundania (months ago, apparently I wasn't paying attention).


Anonymous said...

It's interesting that RR is still (when that interview was done, at least) using the "new book a day" motto when they're averaging a new novel every two or three days, and a new short story even less often.

I'd like to think that the slower release rate means that they'd learned that jumping into releasing 365 books a year wasn't doing anyone -- themselves, the authors or the readers -- a favor, and it was an intentional choice.

kirsten saell said...

That Sarah Palin erotica is disturbing, and yet at the same time, oddly compelling. I can't stop reading it...