Friday, May 08, 2009

New: Cordelia Press

Cordelia Press, all genres including romance. Opened May 1st: "We’re thrilled to be launching the newest ebook publisher on the web today ... As an English teacher and writer myself, I considered how I would want to be treated by a publisher and what I valued in a company to which my name is connected ... The result is Cordelia Press. We are looking for brave, honest fiction."


Kayleigh Jamison said...

Romance, yes. Erotic Romance, no. And no GLBT:

"✓Cordelia Press does not accept erotic romance. Keep things at an R-rated level or lower.

✓Cordelia Press defines romance as a one-on-one relationship between a man (hero) and a woman (heroine). We do not accept homosexual romances or “open relationship” stories. Plural relationships (ala “Big Love”) may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis."

Anonymous said...

A publisher should be allowed to pub whatever they want, however I found this rather elitist toward what's on the market (from their Home page):

"Much of today’s fiction reflects the attitudes of Goneril and Regan--deceptively written and published for selfish gains. At Cordelia Press, however, we publish only brave, honest fiction. Without gimmicks or deceit, our fiction provides an intelligent outlet for the discerning reader."

If I was an author I'd be reluctant to submit there. And as a casual observer, using Cordelia as the allegorical example of their wants strikes me as ironic..she was also supposed to be humble. So, I have to wonder if they see themselves as King Lear? If so, that would definitely be the last blight the e-pub community needs.

K. Z. Snow said...

Much of today’s fiction reflects the attitudes of Goneril and Regan...Oh ferdachrissakes. I'd rather ally myself with Lady Macbeth than with these snooty twits. What constitutes "brave, honest fiction" if GLBT doesn't? And shouldn't "outlet for readers" be "resource for readers"? (An outlet for readers would be a good 'n' ranty blog, not a good 'n' stuffy publisher!)

I don't believe it.