Monday, May 18, 2009


"...a federal district court in the southern Russian province of Dagestan issued an unprecedented ruling, ordering a journalist of a local newspaper to pay compensation in an amount equal to US$1,000 ... The plaintiff, an author whose work of fiction was reviewed in the publication's book review section, sued the reviewer, claiming that the author and his family had experienced severe mental suffering and that his professional reputation was damaged as a result of the review." [Global legal Monitor]

"Smashwords represents the future of ebook publishing, distribution and retailing," said Selena Kitt, president of eXcessica Publishing. "Their publisher-friendly royalty structure recognizes that ebook publishers deserve more favorable terms than offered by conventional ebook retailers. Smashwords backs their so-easy-even-your-mother-could-use-it publishing platform with super-responsive support that enhances the reading experience for our customers."

"The breakthrough crossover novel, and the so-called “gay novel” that sells a million copies, are both out there; but they’re 10-15 years away. And when it happens, it’s more than likely going to be an ebook, because very soon few people will be reading on paper!" [MM erotica author Mel Keegan]

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