Sunday, May 03, 2009

RavRom: Cherchez the sales figures?

Dear Author is reprising the reason Ravenous Romance is a transformative wave in the eyes of some people, and a disappointing queeb for others. My opinion is on hold while awaiting those sales figures. I wonder when I might expect to see them?

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L.E. Bryce said...

Gah! I can't believe you used "disappointing queeb" in a sentence! If I see that again, I'm going to spit up all over my keyboard. :-p

Anonymous said...

I know an RR author who said her sales figures (just received last week) were shockingly low. She didn't even reach her meagre advance and she had been told her book was a "bestseller" in her category.

You'll find RR authors reluctant to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

The first-quarter royalty statements RR authors got do not include sales from all the secondary markets, such as AllRomanceEbooks, Fictionwise, Amazon Kindle, etc. Those numbers take a while to get, they will be in the June royalty statement. The bulk of RR sales are coming from the secondary sites (esp. ALlRomanceEbooks, where several RR titles are Top 10 category bestsllers), so you aren't going to see complete first period sales data until then.

veinglory said...

I think the simpler reason I would see them at least until them is that authors not qualifying for a payout are not getting reports, and reports that have been received do not include sales figures, just earnings. So I guess, despite promises to the contrary, reliable sales data is not goign to be reported. Indirect indications seem to be of sales in the range of double figures per title for the quarter.

Jen Bluekissed said...

Everyone who has written for RR gets the reports, regardless of the figures. I think most of us are just waiting to see the secondary market sales that will be reported in the 2nd quarter so that we give accurate information regarding the 1st quarter.

When I got mine, (I got 6 all at once because all I've done so far for RR are anthologies) the figures were well laid out and explained in plain language.

Most of mine for the first quarter only had a month or so of sales data included given the release dates were late in the quarter.

Also, another reason I haven't reported mine yet is that with the anthologies the split is among so many people that the amounts against advance were low. I expected that and would expect it regardless of the publisher because in some cases the royalties are being split between 10-20 authors.

Even in traditional print publishing if the advance is split 20 ways in come cases, the amount would be pretty low, even if lots and lots of copies were sold.

I also may wait to release some of my sales data until after Alyson Books reports back on sales data from the Women of the Bite anthology that releases in the Fall because print rights were sold to Alyson, so the true, bigger picture for that set of royalties since there'll be print data to include.

~Jen Bluekissed