Tuesday, June 23, 2009

EREC Guest Posts (I love them)

I would love to receive guest post of any length or angle on the following topics. Please send any guest posts to veinglory at gmail.com along with your byline or short bio and link to be included at the bottom of the guest post. I will also be happy to post a 125 pixel square ad on the blog sidebar for one month (I can resize the picture for you). I am more than happy to run more than one guest post on a topic if you have a different perspective to share.

Suggested topics:
* Things to consider in deciding whether to join RWA (EPIC, Writers Guild etc).
* Niche versus fetish (re: inter-racial, M/M or any other relevant sub-genre).
* How are ebook editors paid; how should ebook editors be paid?
* Being a 'good writer': a.k.a. What can writers to do help their editor/publisher.
* When good epublishers go bad--warning signs writers should be aware of.
* Conventions worth going to (a specific example, or an overview).
* Readers, please suggest your own topics.

I am open to all lengths and formats but if you are the type of writer that prefers guidelines here are some suggestions:
* Length of around 500 words, can be broken into several parts if you like to write longer.
* Include the post in the email and attach any pictures; include the url of any links. If formatting is important please include it as html if possible.
* Please do be opinionated, but focus this opinion on facts or practices, or base it in specific personal experiences whenever possible--or state it as a personal opinion not a universal fact (i.e. try to avoid having the blog sues for defamation).
* Write with an audience of authors in mind (c.f. readers, the general public).
* You bio can be between one line and 100 words with up to two pictures and up to three links. (Or anything that isn't totally excessive so there is more bio than their is guest post).

How to submit:
You can just send the guest post, if it falls under these topics I am almost certain to run it. If I feel proofreading corrections are needed I will ask for you approval before posting--but honestly if you have seen what I post you know I am not too picky on this basis. If you prefer to query first or get some general conversation/feedback before sending the post that is also fine.

Rights details for those who appreciate them:
EREC asks for non-exclusive perpetual digital rights unless otherwise specified. That means I post the guest material but you can also use the same material in any other way you like and I will leave the post up indefinitely unless you ask me to take it down (which you can do at any time).

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