Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I C Reception

IC Romance is, IMHO, made of WTF. They want ghost writers to produce entire romance books as work for hire for an undisclosed "nominal" fee. It is implied that these are contracted by publishers. I cannot see how this arrangement would be to the benefit if any writer or any respectable publisher.

I suppose if the fee is truly nominal the work could be sold to a small or vanity press and the royalties would eventually net ICR a profit? But basically I don't get it. If anyone knows more, please tell? Failing that, a saying involving a bargepole comes to mind.

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Alisha Rai said...

WTF indeed. Who would agree to this sort of arrangement?

Mari said...

Sounds like how New Concepts wants to do things--hired writers to give up rights for the (greedy) owners.

Teddy Pig said...

For those wondering it seems my website caught fire and burned to the ground last night. My hosting company has called fire fighters to the scene.

Just not my week.

Who knew the internetz was actually flammable?