Friday, June 26, 2009

New Market: Quartet

New romance epublisher.

"Quartet Press announces it is open for submissions. Quartet was founded on shared goal of the principles to create a high-quality, community-centric, and reader- and author-friendly digital publishing house. First titles will be available in Fall 2009."


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lynneconnolly said...

Isn't that the AVG logo?

Fae said...

I was curious about this one. Though their guidelines don't say specifically, I emailed them and they responded that they were definitely interested in seeing M/M submissions and were very prompt and friendly.

They seem to have a good bit of support within the industry. Angela James, Jane from Dear Author and Smart Bitch Sarah have all been twittering/retweeting about them and not in a mocking way, which makes me think Quartet might end up being not just another epub. I have a good feeling about this one, but time ultimately will tell. As with all new epubs I won't even think about subbing anything until they've been open at least a year. But I'll definitely be watching them and hoping they do turn out to be a viable option for career-minded epub authors.

Anonymous said...

Choosing an epub based on whether Jane from Dear Author makes fun of them or not is not a good basis of evaluation. Jane & co has no real connections with or understanding of legitmate traditional NY publishing OR epublishing (or epublishers that are staffed by people with decades of legit NY publishing experience.

Jane from Dear Author is an ambulance-chaser lawyer from Iowa in real life. Not exactly someone who understands the publishing business.

Anonymous said...

For any kind of business, it seems to me, the first question is "what will the new business bring to the table that no one else offers?" And it's got to be something fairly objective (e.g., a market that's never been served before or a brand new product or a particular niche that's previously unserved), and a recognizable benefit to the CONSUMER (i.e., not just that the owner thinks its product is better b/c the owner is involved).

There are so many books on the market now, that no one can keep track of them, let alone read all of them, even within a subgenre. I can understand small publishers entering the market with a commitment to a specific niche market, but a general romance publisher? What does this publisher bring to the table that all the other general romance publishers don't?

Anonymous said...

or epublishers that are staffed by people with decades of legit NY publishing experience.

Looks like Ravenous Romance is pissed about Jane's RRTheatre. Hey guys, chill, she picked on Kensington this week!

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge Ravenous has never been pissed about Jane's RR theatre. Why would they be? Who is Jane? Who is DA? In the real world anyway?

See above -- small time ambulance chaser from Iowa.

Only in certain minds do they want to believe with all their hearts this has bothered RR. Actually, we've had so many laughs over it, our bellies hurt . . . and our sales have skyrocketed! Thank you DA and Jane (s)

Carol said...

Jane may not know much about the epublishing business model, but Angela James, who was also mentioned, does.

Harping on Jane and ignoring the mention of Angela really does make it look like you've just got an axe to grind.

That said, Kassia Krozser isn't exactly a nobody who is clueless about publishing, either. If she's involved with a pub, it's one worth watching.