Monday, June 22, 2009

New Market: sweet romance audio, Always Keepers Press

"I am looking for 2 very different types of proposals.

1. I need short stories, of 5,000 words or less. These are freebie stories for our website. You will receive compensation, and if you wish, after the story has been on the site for one month, you can sign on to keep the story—for sale—on the site.

2. I am looking for cozy mysteries and sweet or inspirational romances. If you can’t read it aloud in church, I’m not interested. Sweet refers only to the language and sexual content. Other than that it can be a comedy or drama or anything in between. Word count is not an issue."



Fiona Glass said...

I went to check this out but sadly the webpage is a 'shell' and none of the links work. Hopefully they'll be getting some content, guidelines etc soon...?

veinglory said...

I know I have an iphone and am ready for a good romance audio provider. *Male* voice talent please.