Sunday, June 07, 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Romance Readers Marketing Survey Seeks Respondents

"Readers have the opportunity to answer twenty questions related to their book buying habits and earn coupons from participating publishers. Questions aren’t limited to any particular type or heat level of romance, and they aren’t geared toward any specific publisher, business model, or publishing format. The Romance Reader Survey is simply a way for readers to tell publishers what they think, and earn coupons in the process. To take the survey, please visit Once the survey is completed, readers will receive an email containing coupon codes from interested publishers. The survey will be available through June 30."


Angie said...

I kind of wish they'd gone into more detail on some things, or offered a comments field. (Although I know that makes tabulating the data an order of magnitude more complicated. [sigh])

I like reading "erotic" heat levels, but that doesn't mean I like pointless fuck scenes. I'd rather read a "sweet" romance than one with a bunch of sex scenes that are just duct taped on and serve no purpose in the story. The survey question about heat doesn't get into that at all, though, so they'll probably take my answer to mean that I like books stuffed with plotless porn. :/


Mary Winter said...

No, we won't take your answer that way at all. The survey covers only romance, so nope, nothing in it about porn at all. *smiles* You're right, adding more options would make the data difficult to tabulate. And I debated about adding a comment field, but it would be hard to quantify. This is more of a "snap shot." There is already some talk of a follow-up or additional survey in a couple of months, because there will most likely be additional questions posed by these answers. Thanks for taking the time to fill it out. I appreciate it!