Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some Epub Updates

Rogue Phoenix Press charges fees for POD publishing: "In this case, the author will agree to purchase from, 20 copies of the book (at wholesale price) plus shipping costs ... The author agrees to pay the fee and the formatting fee ...."

Dark Castle Lords seem to be trying to rebrand themselves as "DCL Publications".

Ebook earning figures: a few of the specific reports look a little, um, unlikely. But the overall patterns fit well with the EREC data.

The "spellcheck me please" award of the week (yes, I know, pot:kettle) goes to the Affaire de Coeur newsletter: "Please subsmit a sample review of any book ... If you would like to put xomelthing in our newsletter, let us know".

Writing and day jobs (I relate).

Loose Id in the Washington Post: The Wizardess of Id: Romance and Sex and Werewolves, Oh My!


Teddy Pig said...

Rogue Phoenix Press huh?

Didn't Whiskey Creek Press pull this same thing already? Then they got all upset when I called them a Vanity Press.

I mean you charge fees and that's the definition of a Vanity Press is sooooo.

veinglory said...

Hi, TeddyP. Yeah, it is a kind of familiar discussion :/

Linda Mooney said...

Just for the record, Whiskey Creek doesn't charge to put a book in print, and hasn't since Jan. '08. Their contract now states that once a book reaches a certain number of e-sales, and the book fits the min. word count, it goes to print.

Anonymous said...

If you're referring to the Ravenous Romance title that earned more than $20,000 so far, my guess is that is one of the books by Ryan Field, which was the No. 1 bestselling title on AllRomanceEbooks for almost two months, and was a ranked bestseller on almost every other third-party site where it appeared. With those stats, $20,000 earn-out seems plenty plausible to me.

Anonymous said...

I can say definitively that the Tease Publishing "20,000" on one book claim is totally bogus. This company sends excited emails to its author loops when they sell more than 50 books TOTAL (for the whole company) in the first week of the month. I can promise you no one has ever made 20k in royalties on a Tease book.


Anonymous said...

An RR author makes roughly a buck a copy, so to make $20K in the six months they've been in business (not counting June, for which numbers wouldn't be available) the author would have had to sell 20K copies in that time, and that's roughly ten times the reported numbers for even top-selling ebooks from established epublishers.

Even assuming the $20K was based on doubling the first six months' figures, it's way out of line.

It may well be possible to make that kind of money, TOTAL, over several books, but on one book? Color me skeptical.

Mari said...

I definitely would love to see some accounting to back those claims of 20K for one title.

Athena Grayson said...

Would that include any advances garnered if RR sold print rights for one of its titles? I understand they're acting as agent or intermediary for selling print rights of some of their titles. That'd make more sense.