Sunday, June 14, 2009


I an just back from the Historical Novel Society convention, but left my notes on someone else's car--so more about that later. In short the highlights for me were chocolate chip cookies, Jade Lee (just in general), the author/editor/bookseller etc turn out, an almost complete absence of cliquishness (everyone was mondo friendly), and many informative sessions. If you have sent me data and not heard back please give me another week or so as I have a backlog and totally blew off this weekend having fun at the con. The prize book has gone out to an anonymous random;y selected contributor.

In the mean time, am I the only one who can't get the Ellora's Cave website to work? I am wondering if they are wandering into the smoke zone with several rumours of treating authors in a manner not exactly consistent with their contracts. In other unsubstantiated and reckless statements of personal opinion I would like to say: Holly Lisle's emailing list=TMI. Ravenous Romance=so where is this data showing ground breaking start up sales figures? Wild Rose Press=no data from this press in a while. Is there a reason for this? Does it relate to being bottom of the rankings when data is provided or has this changed? And why (oh why) are hardly any American historical fiction writers writing about American history and most of them write only about the civil war?

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Anonymous said...

EC's website works for me, but it's very, very, veeerrryyy slow. And that would be just my luck if there's trouble at EC. I'm waiting to hear back on a full, but have to say that the submission process so far was incredibly quick...

Anonymous said...

They're doing the changeover to the Jasminejade site. Going to forwards you to a very slow loading

I don't understand why. is simple and intuitive. Who will think to look for it under jasmine jade?

Also, they've changed the payment cycle. Instead of the 25th of the following month, it's now the 5th of the 2nd month after. So Feb royalties aren't paid on March 25, but by April 5.

Also, a couple months this year, we've gotten checks around the 15-20th of the month, that were postmarked the 5th. Numerous authors reported this.

lynneconnolly said...

They're moving to a bigger server. They posted messages explaining the reasons and offering a discount for compensation. In case you missed it:

"As many EC readers have noticed, we've recently had a number of issues with the website. This past week has seen us enter the final stages of transferring our site to bigger and better web servers to meet the demands of our ever growing family of customers, resulting in some interruption of our services. We have a dedicated team of developers at work resolving our
web-related dysfunctions and expect to have things once again running along smoothly very soon.

To thank you for your infinite patience during this transitory period JasmineJade is offering all of our treasured readers 10% off their entire order in the store for the rest of June. That includes Ellora's Cave ebooks and print books (even the ones on sale)!

To get your 10% discount enter ECWEB2009 into the coupon field when completing your purchase at"

Payment - I don't think EC are having any more problems with their new system than Samhain are with theirs. If I don't get a payment on time, I'll holler, but so far it's been okay with both companies.

Anonymous said...

EC has been making this 'transition to bigger and better servers' for 6 months. They first tried to change to last year and this same thing happened. So they kept both sites and most people still used the EC site. I know 90% of my sales come from the EC site, not JJ. Now they're trying to port everything to JJ again and it's doing the same thing, slow as molasses and since EC ebooks aren't sold anywhere else...costing authors sales.

And a huge number of authors received late payments twice this year. Once in March, and another in May. Checks dated the 5th (though there was no postmark saying when they were actually mailed) arriving on the 21st and, in some cases, even a few days later than that. Still waiting on June's check, which is supposed to have been mailed on the 5th. Funny, I just received a package sent slowest shipping possible (because I'm cheap) from California to the east coast and I ordered that on the 8th. A check from Ohio, half a continent closer to me and supposedly sent first class mail, is still not here? Looks like it's going to be another 21st of the month for me.

EC won't be getting any more books from me. I've had it with them.